I finally received the StromPi 3 today. During the installation I ran into some minor bugs in the English manual that I want to inform you about so that you can correct it for other users.
The command in the manual: "set-date 01 06 2018 5" is not correct! The correct format is the year in yy instead of yyyy. So the correct command is: "set-date 01 06 18 5"
To configure the time, you have mentioned in the English manual the following example command: "set-time 20 00 00" this is not correct, the correct command is: "set-clock 20 00 00"
Hope this helps you to correct the English manual and also helps other users.
Cheers, Rene


22.09.18 23:54

In your help command I get the following:
Lists all the rgistered commands
Displays the actual time of the StromPi RTC-Clock
Outputs the measured Voltages

The command "tim-output" is not stated correctly, this should be "time-output".


22.09.18 23:58

Hello Rene,
big thank you for your suggestions - we will clear out the errors and misunderstandings and will update a new manual soon.
Best Regards,

Jarek (Joy-IT)

24.09.18 16:31