Hi together,
can you tell me how long the RTC will store the actual date and time when the Pi is shut down and disconnected from "normal" power?


15.02.19 09:26

Hi Andy,
the internal RTC of the StromPi3 gets its Power from one of the connected sources - so either from the optional Battery-Hat, Wide-In Voltagesource or the mUSB voltage Source. When the StromPi3 is configured to shut down (or to cut the Voltage from the Raspberry Pi) the RTC is still working as long as one of voltage sources above is connected to the StromPi3.
Mainly the optional Battery-Hat is used for this purpose - when you disconnects the Raspberry Pi and the StromPi3 completely from a "normal" voltage source, then the Battery Hat powers the RTC and the MCU of the SP3. Because the MCU of the SP3 needs only a small amount of current, the 1000mAh Battery should be enough for a longer time absent from the voltage source.
Best Regards,

Jarek (Joy-IT)

21.02.19 17:09