Do you also have or can you recommend a casing for the StromPi V3 & StromPi V3 Battery & Raspberry 3? has a case for the StromPi V2 but they confirmed that the casing is not big enough for all 3 components (StromPi V3 & StromPi V3 Battery & Raspberry 3).


29.08.18 10:27

Hello Rene,
unfortunately we can not recommend you a case at this time.
Our case, which can fit the Raspberry Pi, StromPi V3 and its battery unit, is still in development.
Please be patient a little longer.


03.09.18 16:10

Hello Jarek,
if the new case is still under development I would make a suggestion:
A hole in front of the Raspberry mainboard LEDs would be helpful. Using the older case (i.e. for Strompi2) the LEDs nearly can't be seen.
Using Strompi3 I additionally want to use a pushbutton for shutdown and (re)boot via pin 5 + 6 and pishutdown script. There ist enough space on top of the Raspberry LAN and USB ports for a pushbutton. Maybe you could provide a pushbutton in the case? Otherwise I would need to drill a hole in the case myself.


01.11.18 10:35

Rello Rene,
I'm sorry. I haven't found a suiting case yet. Currently I use the bottom part of the StromPi2 case and leave the top away. Works in my case because the Raspberry is in a secure environment. If I find the time I will make a case with a 3D printer if joy-it needs more time. There are good basic layouts for cases in, for example The new Strompi3 case should have a height about 45 mm.


01.11.18 10:48

Hello Klaus,
Big thanks for your Suggestions, we will consider to include them - the case is in its final stages of development, but it need a little bit more additional time.
Best Regards,

Jarek (Joy-it)

01.11.18 18:33

Is there new information?

I also have great interest in a case where the StromPi3 and the battery fit.


10.02.19 17:47

Good morning Roland,
We expect the housing towards the end of the second quarter of 2019.
Best regards
Nils (Joy-IT)


13.02.19 10:04