I try to configure the start up / shutdown switch.

How to configure if ?

How to proceed to shutdown (push for x Secondes) ?,

Is there any warning message send ?

How to procees to restart ?

Do i have to use serial or SerialLess configuration ?

The manuel is not enough clear for me ?

I can suggest you to create a chapter How To Do Something..

Thanks in advance.



24.02.24 14:28

Hello Laurent,

there is no shutdown button for the StromPi. 
The Button is only for powering on the device. The shutdown must be done over the shutdown script, the poweroff command in the StromPi console, or the power off alarm.

If you have enabled the powerOnButton then you can use the button to start the StromPi again.

You only have to use the serialless configuration if you have to use the serial interface for another device. Otherwise it is recommended to use the normal serial configuration.

Best regards 

Tim (Joy-IT)



26.02.24 10:52