I read several posts where Joy-it suggests to check for scripts that avoids serial interference that can causes error in running the config gui etcetera.

searching for causes I notice that when running joy-it scripts like Strompi status and RTC_EMail at system boot (crontab scheduled) there are always scrips running that use serial communication. Is it advicable to stop these scripts when doing config_gui? And furthermore is it advicable to avoid running the status en the RTC_EMail script both at system boot?


09.02.24 11:00

Hello Bert,
yes, you should stop ALL other scripts that access the serial port when calling the config script. If several scripts access the serial interface at the same time, errors will occur in the communication.
Therefore, you should not have several StromPi scripts auto starting at boot, but combine the required scripts in one script.

Best regards
Tim (Joy-IT)


09.02.24 13:52