I think I am lost.

I installed a fresh Raspberry 3 en installed the full 32bit image on it.

I flashed my Strompi3 and it succeeded.

I then could configure the StromPi3 from the console (HDMI to TV en Wireless USB keyboard mouse

So far so good.

On the Joy-IT RB image alle the stuff needed is there so next step is following the manual for GUI through XMING/Putty (X11 localhost:0.0)

Login on de Raspi and going to the directory and starting 

Sudo -E  python3

The blue window is popping up but the script still ends in error.

So technically my Strompi3 is ok but I still cannot do configuration and statuschecking.

It looks like it is not related to my Raspberry because I did this testing on a new one with the Joy-IT raspberry image

and a flashed Strompi3.

Need some advice for further trouble shooting.






15.01.24 11:55

Hello Bert,
with the information given, I would unfortunately assume that the microcontroller on the StromPi is defective.
In this case, I would recommend returning the device to your dealer for a replacement.

Best regards
Tim (Joy-IT)


16.01.24 11:05

Call can be closed.

StromPi3 replaced by new one.

Big question is what caused the defect of the board?

In my opinion the StromPi3, with batteryhead, is placed on the raspberry with passive cooler what causes higher temperature that is not compensated enough by the fancontrol.

Suggestion: Think it should be a better solution to mount the StromPi3+hat higher above or beside the raspberry. That requires a different case to make that possible.

For now I hope the new board stays alive within the Joy-IT case.🤞🏻


01.02.24 14:03