I will try to flash the StromPi3 from a sperate raspberry.

Is it best to do this from a downloaded image from joy-it  and if yes is the an instruction to unpack the zip en create a fresh raspberry image?


10.01.24 16:05

Hello Bert, 

the easiest way would be to use our prepared Image. Unfortunately, we currently do not have a manual on how to write the image to your SD Card.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Download an and Unzip one of our latest images here:

  2. Download and Install the Raspberry Pi Imager here:

  3. Connect the SD Card to your PC and start the Raspberry Pi Imager

  4. Click on CHOOSE OSUse custom and select the previously unzipped image

  5. Click on CHOSE STORAGE and select the SD card you want to write the image to.

  6. Click on NEXT

  7. Click on EDIT SETTINGS to choose your Username and Password

  8. Click on Save

  9. Click on YES → YES to confirm and write the image to the SD Card

After that, you can start the Raspbery Pi with the SD Card and follow the steps in our flash manual.

Best regards 

Tim (Joy-IT)


12.01.24 10:45


I used a spare raspberry for testing the flash of my StromPi3. The full image did not work directly because Raspi os is delivered  without SSH activated nowadays for security reasons.

There are threads on this subject where there is an explenation why. So without a workarround you can not communicatecheadless with it with putty.

I therefore used a monitor and keyboard and that went fine.

The flashing of my Strompi3 succeeded!

I will now put the strompi3 on my original raspberry and will see if it works. If not then I have to find out what causes the problem that I can not start the gui.



12.01.24 15:39

Running scripts with Xmin/putty/minicom still does not function.

On both raspberry's all serial communication through the scripts fails.

See my later ticket (15-1-2024).



15.01.24 12:40