Some thread mentioned that when using the shutdown script the Raspi remains in shutdown even when power returns before StromPi switches the power off.

Reason is clear.
StromPi reports power failure but does not know what Raspi is doing nor that Raspi has shutdown by himself.
For that StromPi could not do a power off-on cycle to bring the Raspi back alive.



In the shutdown script the Raspi is sending a ping message every second. May be 0x0D.
If the StromPi no longer receives any message then it can be assumed that the Raspi is shutdown and the StromPi can do a power off-on.

Additional adding a new configuration to enable this feature.

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05.01.24 18:21

Hello Chris,
thanks for the feedback. We will try to implement it in the next major firmware release.

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Tim (Joy-IT)


08.01.24 15:31