I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3+ B with your StromPi3 v1.1 and your OS image full (Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm Full 64-Bit - 31.10.2023 for StromPi 3).
I am facing this issue running EVERY script. I've already flashed newest firmware (1.73) and updated the script files.

When I try to run, for example 

python3 -E

I have this error:

sp3_ADC_Wide = float(serial_port.readline(9999))/1000;
ValueError: could not convert string to float: b''

This appens also when I try to run other scripts like

I don't know what to do, any help is appreciated.




21.11.23 11:26

Hello Mariano,

This error message usually indicates a problem with the serial communication.
Scripts running in the background or other connected hardware using serial communication can cause this problem.
If you do not have a script running in the background or hardware connected that uses serial communication, we recommend first disconnecting the StromPi completely from the power supply and removing the CAP jumper for a few seconds. If this does not help either, you will need to reflash the StromPi's microcontroller with the latest firmware. You can download the firmware and instructions for flashing in our download directory.

Best regards 

Tim (Joy-IT)


22.11.23 17:21