Have just started to use a new StromPi3 (Rev 1.1, Firmware: 1.73, RPi4, Buster). Unfortunately, we are continuously receiving "Under-voltage detected" alerts from the RPi.

We are using an official RPi  USB-C power supply, which is connected to the mUSB port on the StromPi.

Please advise how we can fix this problem. Many thanks.






12.10.23 23:51

Hello ozbyte,

The micro USB input is simply passed through and is not amplified further. We recommend to use the original Raspberry Pi micro USB power supply, because the voltage can drop when using adapters.

Best regards

Tim (Joy-IT)


13.10.23 12:18

Many thanks for your response. I will search for a suitable power supply which can provide a stable 5V, 3A, with micro USB.


13.10.23 19:12