Hello, I want to change the strompi mode. When I applied the commands in the CLI it seems to work, but when in the status appears: strompi-mode: power-off. 

Could you help me with that?




27.06.23 10:58

Hello Fabian,

regarding your problem, the "strompi-mode" defines in which order the voltage inputs should be prioritized and can be set with a number between 1 and 6. For the command "strompi-mode" there is no option "power-off" in the CLI.
In this case, "power-off" most likely corresponds to "power-off mode", which can be either enabled or disabled.

To further investigate your problem, please let us know what commands you used, in what order, to get to this point, and what those commands returned.

With kind regards

Torben (Joy-IT)

28.06.23 15:29

Hello Torben,

I find out the reason of that problem. I didn't run the skript After that I was able to set the desire mode. 

thanks anyway.



29.06.23 11:55