Sorry for asking another suggestion/question but I felt it is better to ask them in separate threads.
Currently the strompi has three options as alarm mode: daily time alarm, date controlled time alarm, and weekly time alarm. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a 4th mode, either one that has the option to set multiple on/off times per day (such as to turn on at 13.00, 14.00 and 15.00 and to turn off at 13.05, 14.05 and 15.05 for example) or one that has the option to set a time interval for when the pi should be on and off, e.g. 5min on 55min off, then the pi would turn on at 13.00, turn off at 13.05, turn on again at 14.00 etc, continuously 24/7.
I think this functionality would be really helpful for many projects, not just my own, especially those on battery power as it would greatly reduce battery usage. I actually found out there is a board that was build with such functionality, the sleepy pi (, but this board lacks the other functionality of the strompi. Furthermore, the strompi 3 seems to have the ability to work with on/off powering multiple times a day, so I am interested to hear what you think would be possible.


15.12.18 23:22

Hi joljols,
thank you for your suggestion of this interessting feature - we are currently considering how to integrate this function into the StromPi3-Firmware and will release a new version hopefully with this new feature.
Best Regards,


18.12.18 18:48

Thanks, that is really great to hear!


19.12.18 11:42