It's most a bug report than a support need :
Trying to setup my Raspberry Pi 4 (2018 4GB) with my Strompi3 (Rev 1.1), I flashed your PI OS 64-Bit image. And ... nothing, the rasp doesn't boot. Best I see is the screen retrolighting turn on.

By the way, on the download page, you switch the english and the german link : STM32CubeIDE Installation[nbsp]




19.02.23 15:09

Hi Onomnaf,

regarding your issue with our 64-Bit PI OS image. We have tested the image on our Raspberry Pis without any issues.

We suspect that one reason for your issue could be a faulty SD-Card, maybe try switching your SD-Card for a new one and try it again.
If the issue persists we will glady help you out again.

The issue regarding the wrong names for the STM32CudeIDE Installation manuals has already been taken care of, thanks again for pointing this out to us.

With kind regards

Torben (Joy-IT)

20.02.23 12:01