i am using v1.72 firmware on strompi3 in serial mode with Rpi4b 2gb and latest 32bits raspian version

when i start the graphical gui on the rpi, the Window size is too large compared to the screen and i cannot acces the « update » button. Same behavior through VNC on an ipad

What is the solution to get a smaller [nbsp]gui window or scroll bars…

Minicom is working ok and i can get the status of the strompi3 in the console with the show-status command


01.01.23 23:24

Hi Dom,

regarding your problem with the GUI size, in the latest version of the GUI script (V1.73) there is already a vertical scrollbar. If you still have horizontal problems, try editing line 1054 in the GUI Python script.


Please be careful not to reduce the GUI size below 100x100.

With kind regards

Torben (Joy-IT)

02.01.23 10:39