If I enter 'quit' within the interface (after entering 'sudo screen /dev/serial0 38400') nothing happens. I now quit the screen with ctrl+a d instead but it would be nice if the quit command did that. Can you explain? It would be good to update the manual on this too?


15.12.18 23:05

Hi joljols,
if you enter the command 'quit', the serial communication of the StromPi stops (SilentMode), so that the serial communication can be used for other tasks. It's technically not possible to put the StromPi in SilentMode and quit the screen at the same time using the command 'quit'. You have to quit the screen still with 'ctrl' + 'a', 'k'.

Best regards.

Nils (Joy-IT)

17.12.18 14:01

Okay yes that is fine. Perhaps good to add to the guide for those people that do not know the screen command.


19.12.18 11:46