I have the strompi 3 with battery head for a while but didn’t had the time to mount it.

I have a raspberry pi 3B with Bullseye linux running for a while to collect the watermeter pulses in Domoticz.

Due to incidental powerfailures at home it is a crime to get it running again after power is restored.

So now its time to implement the strompi 3.

When I mount the strompi3 with the big battery pack on my pi, how do I supply the power?


Do I feed both the raspberry pi 3B and the strompi 3 with seperate micro usb 5V power?


Other questions:

Is it required to implement any scripts when my purpose is only that after powerfailures the raspberry keeps running?

Third: my Strompi3 is a bit older, how can I find out which firmware is on it?

Thanks in advance,


20.10.22 15:19

Hello Bert,

you only need to put the micro-USB power supply into the StromPi and not the Raspberry Pi.
Only for Flashing the firmware, a micro-USB supply is needed for your Raspberry Pi.

If you just want to keep the Raspberry Pi running you don't need to implement any scripts.[nbsp]
But you will need the Config-Script to configure your StromPi. If you don't want to shut down your Raspberry Pi, you must disable the Shutdown-Timer in this Config-Script.

With the latest GUI Config-Script, the currently installed firmware version is displayed in the bottom left corner, or you can type show-status into the StromPi-Console

Best regards[nbsp]

Tim (Joy-IT)


20.10.22 15:44

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your reply. Now I have used the strompiconsole to set the strompi-mode to 5. My main goal.

Having a 9volt battery in the wide connector en the battery-hat on the strompi.

Testing by disconnecting the micro-usb switches to the 9V and disconnecting this one it runs on the batteryhat. So far so good.

I worked with XMING+Putty for starting the minicom by following the chapter 5 Quickstart, Activation of serial communication.

Checked also my firmware, it is V1.72c. The Strompi is V3 rev 1.1. So if I try the advanced laterstuff can I use the latest subdirectory /V1.73?


Why do I have to use the configscript you mentioned when I only want to keep the Raspi alive after short powerfailures?

I think you mean the one needed for the linux command "sudo -E python3"?

I have tried the part in chapter 8 for getting the graphical user interface but it ends with an error that avoids the starting of the settings window.

The script runs and ends with an Python error:[nbsp][nbsp]

sp3-ADC_Wide = float(serial_port.readline(09999))/1000;

ValueError: could not convert string to float: ' '


In the strompiconsole I tried to set the date but can't get it right.[nbsp]

set-date 20 10 2022 thursday[nbsp] [nbsp] gives the result of Date: 20.10.2070[nbsp]


20.10.22 22:31

Hello Bert,

normally the shutdown timer should be disabled when the StromPi is shipped from the factory.
I recommended the config script because it is the easiest way to check all settings at a glance and change them directly if necessary.

The error message indicates a problem with the serial communication, this can have various causes.
It is important that no other scripts that use serial communication are running in the background or that no hardware is connected that uses the serial port.

If this is not the case, we recommend flashing the latest firmware to the StromPi again.
You can find a short instruction for the flashing process in our download directory.

Best regards

Tim (Joy-IT)


21.10.22 09:44


To set the date in the StromPi Console you have to write it like this for Friday 21.10.2022:

set-date 21 10 22 5


21.10.22 09:53

Still get weard results


When I type set-date 22 10 2022 6

the result is:

The date has been set to Saturday 22.10.20230


22.10.22 15:08

Hello Bert,

the year must be given in 2 digits and not in 4.

So you have to type 22 and not 2022.

Best regards

Tim (Joy-IT)


24.10.22 15:32