I have a Rpi4 (x64) with a Strompi3 rev 1.1 and a battery hat. I use the wide power as primary and the Rpi is set to shut down after 10s of power loss. Sometimes it takes up to 30 seconds for the Rpi to fully shut down so i have set the Strompi shutdown timer to 55 seconds. This works fine, however IF the power returns within the 55s timer the Rpi shuts down and cannot be started again. I have enabled the PowerOnButton but there is no response. I use the aluminium case and the Rpi will be installed on a remote location so disasembling and removing the battery is not an option. Any ideas on how to improve the function?

I tried to attach a picture of the the serial config tool but got an http error: 400 when uploading so i will list my settings below:

- Power path: Wide -[gt] Battery
- Powerfail Warning Mode: Enabled
- Battery Shutdown Mode: Disabled
- Serialless Mode: Disabled
- Power Save Mode: Disabled

- Poweroff Mode: Disabled

- Shutdown Timer: Enabled / 55s

- PowerOnButton: Enabled / 5s

Thanks in advance


03.04.22 20:41

Hello Jonas,

unfortunately, the StromPi cannot detect if the Raspberry Pi has been shut down. But this function could theoretically be implemented by a change in the firmware. The firmware is open source and published on GitHub.
We will discuss this feature here for a possible new feature update.

For now, we recommend keeping the time between the shutdown timers as short as possible. So it's just enough time to safely shut down your Raspberry Pi.

If your Raspberry Pi did turn off but your StromPi did not, you can restart your Raspberry Pi by connecting Pin 5 (GPIO3) to GND.

Best regards
Tim (Joy-IT)



04.04.22 09:49

Hi Tim,

Many thanks fo your reply.

Would you see any problems with connecting the power button to GPIO3 and GND instead of the power switch on the Strompi? Any situation where the strompi power switch is needed?

Is there any way to reset the strompi? I have noticed that the serial communication is unstable and sometimes it is not possible to connect with the GUI tool etc. The only way to get it working again is to disconnect the power supply and battery until the capacitor has emptied fully. This again requires disasembly which is not optimal...[nbsp]

Kind regards


04.04.22 16:23

Hi again,

I have one more question:

I bought 5x strompi3 and i seem to get the same behaviour on all of them.. I remove the wide power supply, the rpi and the strompi shuts down ok. I power up, wait for the Rpi to start again and then remove the wide power again and the Rpi is shut down immediately (hard shut down). The strompi still indicates wide power supply with the blue led.? I cannot connect to the serial config tool anymore...[nbsp]



05.04.22 07:37

Hello Jonas,

yes, you could connect a button between the two pins to start the Raspberry Pi.
Unfortunately, there is no function to reset the StromPi. We will try to implement it in the next feature update.

For your other problem, I would recommend fully loading the Battery and restarting your StromPi. If the problem still persists try using an mUSB power supply as a second power path to see if the problem is with the StromPi or your Battery HAT.

Best regards[nbsp]

Tim (Joy-IT)


07.04.22 15:00