I use StromPi3_Konfigurator soft made by @Rico

But since I have pass under OS 64 bit this tools not function....

I cannot send a message to Rico so is it possible to sent to if he has a little time to pass the tools on 64bit because it is a very good tools !!

And I have read on more topic here and other forum there is too many problem with the PI 4 version 1.4 and now V1.5 with the serial

Is these problem are know for the Strompi V3 ?


Claude - Titou43

14.03.22 16:59

I have other request...

There is a new firmware 1.73 but nothing into the GitHub (may be update become ?)

Many thanks


Claude - Titou43

14.03.22 17:05

Hello Claude,

we are currently updating our own GUI config script. Probably next week we will release a slightly revised version.

We have not yet heard of any problem with the StromPi in combination with the Raspberry Pi 4 versions 1.4 and 1.5.

The Firmware 1.73 is already published on our GitHub page.

Best regards[nbsp]

Tim (Joy-IT)


18.03.22 12:01