Hello, where can I buy the V3 StromPi version in the Netherlands?


27.08.18 00:49

Hello Rene,
the StromPi V3 is already available at
It should also be available soon at
Best regards


27.08.18 16:36

Thanks for the feedback, indicates it is expected to be delivered 10 September, it is expected, so even not yet confirmed. Can you confirm when it is expected that Reichelt can start shipping to their customers?

Indeed, Conrad doesn't have this product on their web-site, so delivery of this product through Conrad is unclear at this moment in time.

27.08.18 16:54

I hope that Reichelt will keep the expected date, but unfortunately I can not confirm this definitively.
Please be patient here a little longer.


27.08.18 19:02 doesn't have them on stock (in 1,5 weeks they expect them) and is not aware of the V3 version. They don't know the product and thus they cannot tell me when they expect them.

29.08.18 10:42

Interesting to see that twice you have indicated the product is available at (in the Netherlands) and still they are not able to deliver. Your information is apparently not correct and/or up to date. Reichtelt is still waiting for shipment from Joy-it!! Pity that I've been misinformed. I hope they can deliver in the next two days otherwise I will switch to a different product/solution.


18.09.18 13:57

Hello Rene,
sorry for the delay - now the StromPi3 should also be available through
Best Regards,

Jarek (Joy-IT)

24.09.18 16:29