Is StromPi3 compatible with Razberry2?


19.11.21 11:18

Hello John,

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Whether the Razberry can be used while the StromPi is stuck on top of the Raspberry Pi depends on the pins that are used by the device.

You can find a schematic, in which the pins that are used by the StromPi are marked, here:

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Niklas Tritschler


22.11.21 13:47

Hello Niklas,

Thank you for your good information.

The Razberry (Zwave controller) use the same Uart pins as the StromPi.

Can the Strompi be configured to use other communication channels like SPI pins or I2C pins ?


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24.11.21 11:18

Hello John,

unfortunately, the StromPi cannot be controlled via i2c or SPI. However, it can be set to serialless-mode, where the communication with the Raspberry Pi is done via any GPIO pin. This is only possible for the Powerfail warning. To change settings, you have to exit the serial mode and communicate via the serial interface again. In our manual, you can find all the necessary information about the serialess-mode.

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Tim (Joy-IT)


25.11.21 17:02