Q. How to activate the Raspberry Pi without serial port with battery and stromepi 3 power solution ?

I am not getting how to turn on the Raspi with out external power supply after connecting battary [&] stromepi 3 power supply. I am beginner, can you please send me the proper setup procedure ?

In the Raspberry Pi already i am using ther serial port for other sensor interface, so may i know the proper procedure to setup and activate battery without using serial port from Raspberry Pi ?

Chethan M N

27.10.21 09:49


did you connect a power supply to the micro USB port? The Raspberry Pi should be powered on when there is power connected to the StromPi. The only cases where this is not happening is when the poweroff mode is activated (which should not be the case as long as you have not activated it through the config script) or when the StromPi is in flash mode. You can check whether your StromPi is in flash mode by looking at the leds that indicate the power source. If there is only a faint blue light that is emitted by one of the LEDs and nothing else is happening than your StromPi is in flash mode. You can find a manual on how to get your StromPi out of flash mode in the "Downloads" section of this website.

You can use the StromPi in serialless mode. Details on how this is done can be found in the manual on page 17:

Yours sincerely,

Niklas Tritschler

27.10.21 13:28