Even the large battery-pack seem to be insufficient to secure a safe shutdown when the Pi4 is used with the official 7-inch touchscreen. I have after two days of use counted 498 power-failures, usually within 20 secs the whole system abruptly cuts power and crashes. Having the screen on a second power-supply sort of defeats the purpose, as the screen has to be booted and shutdown with the Pi itself to work.

The system has been charging overnight, and battery shows 100% and 3.4v, input is now 5.3v , output is 4.9v (constant low-power warning). Have flashed to v1.21.

Am about to give up the whole StromPi project and find some other platina for the use in a car, this seems to be way too unstable and unreliable.


20.10.21 10:55

Hello mirrormurr,

we are sorry that the project does not work as planned.

Usually the StromPi should be able to power the Raspberry Pi and the display, even when it is powered by the battery hat.

The original 7" display does not consume that much power.

Could you give us some additional information about the configuration with the StromPi in your car?

Yours sincerely,

Niklas Tritschler

20.10.21 17:17