Greetings again,

Am using the StromPi with the large battery in an OpenAuto pro installation with the 7 inch raspberry touchscreen. After having replaced both the hat and the pi4 (have tried both 4gb and 8bg version) am still troubled with the low-voltage warning while booting and in-frequent use. Have tried out all kinds of powersupplies, chargers and powerbanks;[nbsp] experimented with different thickness and lengths of cables, and separate supply for the screen, but voltages are constantly insufficient;

4.6 input , 4.5 output. Before shutdown, the battery deliverrs around 5.01v, still with low-voltage warning. Is this still a known limitation all your users simply have gotten used to, or have I gotten 2 faulty boards in a row?




19.10.21 15:46

Hello mirrormurr,

do you only experience any problems in combination with the battery hat?

What happens when you power the Raspberry Pi through the StromPi without the battery hat? Does the low voltage warning also appear or is it only coming up when the battery hat is connected?

Yours sincerely,

Niklas Tritschler

20.10.21 17:17