In what state does the battery-pack charge the fastest?

By running the Raspberry or when the Raspberry is shut down and still connected to the power-source?

The battery-pack is still not fully charged, and the orange charging led goes off when I do a scrip-shutdown of the Raspberry. Should not the orange led still be lit when Raspberry pi is off but still connected to power? (USB 3 Amp)


19.10.21 11:45

Hello mirrormurr,

thank you for your message.

The battery hat can only be charged when the Raspberry Pi is turned on. The reason for this is the fact that the battery hat is connected to the same rail as the Raspberry Pi. When the StromPi shuts down the power rail that supplies the Raspberry Pi the battery hat is also not connected to a power supply and is not charged anymore.

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Niklas Tritschler

19.10.21 14:58