Is there any consideration (or maybe allready testing in the background) of a 64-bit version of the "raspberry pi os" with all your extras you have put in the "raspberry pi os full 32-bit for strompi3".

maybe you could even give a rough estimate on when this image will be launched?


this beceause the use case i have for my pi, with the allready bought strompi3[&]battery.xl, will runn some processes bigger as 2^32bit (=+4gb).[nbsp]

raspberry pi itself has allready some "pi os 64-bit" versions. also there wouldnt be any processes in the next 20years that will ever reach 2^64bit as i guess. But there are allready a few usecases that easily hit the 4gb mark (most of that processes get trouble allready at 2gb so the 64-bit version would be really great for the future of the interoperability of this device)


18.10.21 13:35


thank you for your interest in our StromPi.

When there is a stable full release version of the 64 bit Raspberry OS we are going to look into that.

Until then the image is only available as a 32 bit version. Ofcourse you could download the 64 bit beta version yourself and manually install the StromPi files. In that case we can not guarantee that everything is going to work without any unforseen problems though.

Yours sincerely,

Niklas Tritschler

19.10.21 10:36

That is an very understanble answer. offcourse as an company u want a stable software so user experience is at there best.


But for the noobs under us (like me and probably a lot of the ones that read this). making are own appimage by combining the betaversion.piOs with your extra code.. yeahhh[nbsp] about that

it would be real nice if the team could make a beta(= no user support till its an LTS-version) of the 64-bit.

if im the only on that asked about an 64-bit version then its really understanble to just dont do it (cant imagine almost that im the only one or maybe people read the information better as me before buying)


19.10.21 16:07

Is there any progress on this topic regarding a 64bit compatible StromPi 3 Version? I would like to install it without GUI in combination with OMV.


14.03.22 18:46

Hello Gregor,

we are currently working on a 64 bit StromPi Image.

We will probably publish it by next week.

Best regards[nbsp]

Tim (Joy-IT)


18.03.22 12:04