Hallo, I have just connected the Strompi3 to a RPI4 supplying the current from a battery car (12-14v) I immediately get the low voltage over current info at boot and the under voltage icon, this was not expected, the board should supply around 5.1 volts to the RPI as specifications.


11.10.21 11:31

Extra debug info: I have a RPI 7" touch screen (the official one) connected to the RPI but that should not be an issue as it consumes 500mA, anyway I had before another generic 5.1 3A power supply and didn t have any issue.

LCD connected

11.10.21 11:36


thank you for your message.

It looks like the problem is caused by[nbsp]the voltage converter of the wide range input.

It should be said that the Raspberry Pi warning display is very sensitive even to a slight drop in voltage. The warning symbol is often coming up even when the Raspberry Pi is getting enough power to function without any problems.

We are going to take this account in future revisions of the StromPi. If you wish to have your StromPi modified so that the voltage stays higher and the warning is not triggered you can send your StromPi to our company address. In that case we would change a couple of resistors so that the voltage level is a little bit higher.

Yours sincerely,

Niklas Tritschler

13.10.21 09:52