Hello StromPi Team,

I am using Strompi-3 but it doesn't provide real time clock after 48 hour may be. I am using 1000maH battery.[nbsp]

Config were Wide-[gt] mUsb -[gt] Battery

also battery shutdown at 10%

I cannot start it with battery, everytime if i turn it off i have to connect USB to start it


02.08.21 09:34

Also how can i check charging percentage of strompi-3 battery


02.08.21 10:02

StromPi-Output: [nbsp]Wide[nbsp]

[nbsp]StromPi-Mode: Wide -[gt] Battery[nbsp]

[nbsp]Raspberry Pi Shutdown: Disabled[nbsp]
[nbsp] Shutdown-Timer: 10 seconds

[nbsp]Powerfail Warning: Disabled[nbsp]

[nbsp]Serial-Less Mode: Disabled[nbsp]

[nbsp]Power Save Mode: Disabled[nbsp]

[nbsp]Power-Off Mode: Disabled[nbsp]

[nbsp]Battery-Level Shutdown: 25%

[nbsp]Powerfailure-Counter: 0

[nbsp]PowerOn-Button: Enabled[nbsp]
[nbsp] PowerOn-Button-Timer: 10 seconds

[nbsp]FirmwareVersion: v1.72c


02.08.21 10:10

Also one morething I have to turn it on using mUSB, i cannot turn it on using voltage source?


02.08.21 11:49

Hello Arslan,

thank you for your message.

The RTC stops after a certain amount of time, when the StromPi is running on the battery hat, because there is no power left. This happens after around 48 hours.

You can check the percentage of the battery hat by using the status script. You can run the script by double clicking the desktop icon. You can also use the console and navigate into the correct folder and type "sudo python".

Do you want to start the StromPi by putting power on the wide range input? If that is the case make sure that the "Auto" jumper on the StromPi is stuck on its "On" position.

Otherwise the StromPi is in power save mode and can not be turned on by the wide range input.

Yours sincerely,

Niklas Tritschler

02.08.21 17:12


Thanks Niklas, I wish you a good day.[nbsp]




04.08.21 13:07