Have been struggling with a proper physical montage of the platina in a set-up using a SmartPi v2 case to which the pi and the StromPI would have to be fixed. The original standoff-screws are a couple of millimetres too long to be used, and the shorter standoffs with the plastic shrouds on the opposite side of the Gpio don't offer much stability to the construction. In order to use only the tension of the GPIO pins to mount the platina on to the Pi, I had to use electrical tape to get some stability. In my view, the female GPIO headers on the StromPI seem a tad too short to enable a stabile connection, has anyone any advice on how to attach the StromPI with battery in a secure manner in such a case?[nbsp]


16.07.21 18:33

Hello mirrormurr,

normally it should be possible to slide the StromPi completely onto the pins of the Raspberry. If some of the pins of the Raspberry Pi are slightly bend, it is possible, that they do not perfectly fit into the connectors anymore.

Could you provide a link to the case, that you want to use?

Yours sincerely,

Niklas Tritschler

19.07.21 09:39

Hello again,

The case is pictured on this website!

Have a look at the assembly, it might give some insight into what I am struggling with. The Pi would have to be secured with either nuts or stand-offs because the StromPI with the battery is too big to fit underneath.

You mentioned that the StromPI has to slide completely onto the Pi, I wonder if I haven't pushed the StromPi far enough onto the pins...

Is the GPIO supposed to be totally covered by the female connector of the StromPI, or only halfways?

When looking at the two platina mounted from the side, it looks for me as the StromPI is about a millimetre lower than the top edges of the Ethernet input. Is that about right, or should the StromPi be pushed even further onto the pins?

With curiousity,[nbsp]



19.07.21 23:14


thank you for your message.

I have attached a picture to this message. As you can see the StromPi can be pushed almost completely onto the GPiO pins.

Yours sincerely,

Niklas Tritschler

21.07.21 17:20

Dear Niklas,

That did the trick! Thank you,, I am now using the small stand-offs that came with the official StromPi-case to secure the Raspberry-platina and a couple of nuts to supply some support on the opposite side of the pins. The whole construction now looks sturdy,,, time will tell if it will need additional support.[nbsp]

The other issue with low-volt warning is still present, but i will follow up that issue in the earlier thread.

best regards,



23.07.21 20:46