I was thinking of migrating from StromPi 2 to StromPi 3, currently I use the T-pin on the StromPi 2 to send a "high" signal to the RPi when it switches from USB power to battery. I have written code that read this signal and reacts appropriately.
In my application, UART serial is already used for something else, that's why I'd rather not use it. I guess it could try a USB to serial, but this seems cumbersome.
What would you recommend?
Thank you,


20.11.18 16:57

Hi Melgar,
as for cases like you've pointed out, we've included the serialless-Mode in the StromPi3 v1.4 Firmware, where you can add this function to one of the Pins on the StromPi3, so it can behave like its predecessor StromPi2.
You can find more informations about the Firmware Upgrades here:




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Jarek (Joy-IT)

21.11.18 17:44