I set the strompi3 on my Pi3B+ to wide/battery. Yesterday I tried to flash the 1.4 firmware but the strompi is not responding at all.
When I try to flash the firmware stm32flash returns "Can not Init" or something similar. The serial console returns nothing after typing in "startstrompiconsole". Nonetheless the LED(s) on the strompi3 are on and the battery is beeing charged.
Any suggestions?


20.11.18 12:28

When I power the strompi3 with mUSB only (No wide Input, no USB power at Rasperry Pi) the wide LED is lid at the strompi3. The Raspi is not starting in this case.


20.11.18 17:40

Hi Christian,
one question beforehand: After the finished firmware flash, did you changed back the Firmware Mode Jumper to its off position?
So the it behaves in it's normal operation setting like you've described and cannot init the flas procedure in the Flashmode?
Best Regards,

Jarek (Joy-IT)

21.11.18 17:51

Hi Jarek,
Yes the jumper ist back in its original position - "off".
As I wrote I tried to flash the firmware but It didn't work. It is still the version before, 1.3 I think. At the moment I can not communicate with the strompi3 at all.

Best Regards

23.11.18 12:09

Hi Christian,
It looks like your StromPi v3 is defective. Please contact us via e-mail ( or via phone (+49 2845 936050) for replacement.
Best Regards,

Nils (Joy-IT)

23.11.18 14:03

I sent you my StromPi about a week ago. Any Ideas when I will get it back? I haven't heard anything from you so far.

06.12.18 17:22

Hello Christian,
I've just asked my colleague of the RMA-Departement - as it seems the replacements of the StromPi3 was sent to you on 05.12, so it should have arrived to you already or should reach you any moment.
Best Regards,


10.12.18 13:10

I got it today, thanks

10.12.18 15:51