I have the strompi 3 with the 1000mAh battery pack. I have the mode set to Wide -[gt] Battery (mode 4). A 24V PSU is connected to the Wide output. When I turn off the PSU, the strompi switches to battery and starts a 10 minute shutdown counter. However, when the PSU comes back online, the strompi doesn't switch back to using the Wide output. Why is this?


25.05.21 20:05

Hello MKoskinen,

this problem is probably caused by an incorrectly set jumper.
The AUTO jumper must be set to ON so that the voltage regulator of the wide input is switched on as soon as a voltage is applied to the wide input.
If the jumper is set to Off, the voltage regulator is controlled by the microcontroller on the StromPi and can therefore only be activated with a second active power supply. You also need to enable the Power Save Mode in the StromPi-Config for this feature.
If the problem persists, please share the configuration of your StromPi so that we can troubleshoot the problem.

Best regards

Tim (Joy-IT)


26.05.21 17:16