Is it possible to power the combination of StromPi3 and a Raspberry Pi 4 with de USB-C connection on the Raspberry Pi 4 or schould I better use the micro-USB connection on StromPi3 instead? The official Raspberry Pi USB-C power adaptor gives more power, 3 A, then the official Raspberri mirco usb power adaptor, 2.5A. Both work at 5.1 Volt. I could not find this in the manual.



Nico ter Pelkwijk

05.04.21 20:47

Hello Nico,

thank you for your message and your interest in our StromPi.

It is not possible to power the StromPi through the Micro USB port of the Raspberry Pi. The StromPi has to be the device that is directly connected to the power source which is used because the StromPi is regulating which of the three inputs (wide range, Micro USB, battery hat) is used.

So far we did not experience any problems using the 2.5A power supply with the Raspberry Pi 4.

Yours sincerely

Niklas Tritschler

07.04.21 11:17