STROMPI3 Shutdwon and restart every minute. The only way to start Raspbian is to remove STROMPI3. How can i start my rpi with STROMPI3 ?


22.03.21 13:25

Hello emgi,

thank you for your message.

How did you connect the StromPi to your power source? Did you connect a Micro-USB cable to the Micro-USB port of the StromPi? Normally the Raspberry Pi should turn on without any problems in that case.

22.03.21 14:33


Thank you for your reply.

The power source is connected to the Micro-USB port of the StromPi


23.03.21 07:35


can you describe what your Raspberry Pi is doing? Is it just restarting by itself every couple of minutes or is it not starting at all in the first place?

There are three little LEDs on the StromPi which light up according to the power source. Is there a blue or a red light when you connect the power?
If there is just a constant blue light than that means that your StromPi is in Flash mode.

23.03.21 09:33