Hi, I just bought two strompi 3 but immediately encountered a number of problems that I hope you can help me further with.

  • One of the strompi's when connected shows the blue light but it simply does not turn on the rpi. The red light of the rpi never turns on. I think it is faulty. What to do? It did work when initially connected and all I did is start the screen command.

  • Using the screen command I was able to show the strompi console on the other strompi. However, it often just shows gibberish with letters everywhere

  • (see

  • or is not responsive. This does not depend on the rpi as I have tested it on several rpi's.

  • With the screen command I can set certain commands but even though I type it in perfectly it still says it does not recognise the command.

  • When I type 'quite' in the console nothing happens, I just get a blank screen

  • Is there a way to show the firmware version and how can I upgrade it when a new firmware is available?

  • Because the screen function with strompi is so buggy I would like to just set the startup and poweroff values with python. Is this possible? Do you have example scripts?

  • To let you know, there are many spelling errors in the manuals and the english and german manual are not identical..

I was really looking forward to the strompi for a couple months but am not really that satisfied, especially with one of the two strompi's not working anymore and having all the issues with just getting simple commands to work. I hope you can provide me with the needed support.


17.11.18 18:20