I have been looking at all the configuration options for the StromPi3 and can't figure out the best way to configure it to accomplish what I want. My system looks like this:

  • RaspberryPi 3B+

  • StromPi3 board Rev1.1

  • StromPi3 battery

  • Power supplied via the wide input

  • GPS also using the serial port on RaspberryPi

The system will be installed in a remote location, where it is not possible to push a button to restart after a power failure. Thus, I would like the system to restart after power is restored. Because of the GPS I need to use the StromPi in Serialless Mode. I have the StromPi connected and communicating with the RaspberryPi and am able to put it into Serialless Mode so that I can use my GPS.

My question is, what is the best way to configure the StromPi so that it will restart automatically when power is restored?

Also, I see some photos of a USB cable connected between the RaspberryPi and the Data input on the StromPi. Is this needed? What does it accomplish?

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10.02.21 12:57

These are my settings at the moment in addition to running and at system startup. Currently it seems to be working but please let me know if I am missing something.

pi@GPS-IRpi10:~/GPS-IR $ ./[nbsp]
Time: 13:36:24
Date: Wednesday 10.02.21
StromPi-Output: Wide
StromPi-Mode: Wide -[gt] mUSB -[gt] Battery
Raspberry Pi Shutdown: Enabled
[nbsp]Shutdown-Timer: 30 seconds
Powerfail Warning: Disabled
Serial-Less Mode: Enabled
Power Save Mode: Disabled
PowerOn-Button: Enabled
[nbsp]PowerOn-Button-Timer: 30 seconds
Battery-Level Shutdown: 50%
Powerfail-Counter: 7
PowerOff Mode: Disabled
WakeUp-Alarm: Disabled
[nbsp]Alarm-Mode: Minute WakeUp-Alarm
[nbsp]Alarm-Time: 00:00
[nbsp]Alarm-Date: 01.01
[nbsp]WakeUp-Alarm: Wednesday

[nbsp]Weekend Wakeup: Enabled
[nbsp]Minute Wakeup Timer: 05 minutes[nbsp]
PowerOff-Alarm: Disabled
[nbsp]PowerOff-Alarm-Time: 00:00
Interval-Alarm: Disabled
[nbsp]Interval-On-Time: 00 minutes
[nbsp]Interval-Off-Time: 00 minutes
Wide-Range-Inputvoltage: 10.551V
LifePo4-Batteryvoltage: 3.351V [100%] [charging]
microUSB-Inputvoltage: [nbsp]not connected
Output-Voltage: 5.018V



10.02.21 14:49


thank you for your interest in our product.

We are happy that you found a solution for your specific scenario.

The USB-cable which can be seen on the picture serves as a power delivery solution for the other USB-ports on the Raspberry Pi.

When the cable is connected the 3 ports can deliver up to 3A. The single USB type A port which can be found at the side of the StromPi can be used as a replacement for the USB-port which is blocked by the USB-cable when it is used.

If you do not want to connect a USB-cable between the StromPi and Raspberry Pi you can still use the USB type a port on the StromPi. In this case it can only be used as a power source. There is no data connection between this USB port and the Raspberry Pi as long as the cable is not connected.

The USB-cable which can be seen on the picture serves as a power delivery solution for the other USB-ports on the Raspberry Pi and as data connection for the USB A port of the StromPi 3

We are happy that you found a solution for your specific scenario. Referring to your description, the configuration is correct.

If there are any remaining questions you can contact us whenever you want.

12.02.21 17:31


Thank you for the clarification on the USB cable.

I still have one question / problem. If I shutdown the using the script, after stopping serialless mode with the script, the RaspberryPi doesn't automatically restart after the 1 minute wakeup timer. It is also not possible to get it to start using the PowerOn Button (shorting contacts for 10 or more seconds). Below are my current settings, a little changed from above.

[nbsp]Time: 18:37:31

[nbsp]Date: Thursday 11.02.2021

[nbsp]StromPi-Output:[nbsp] Wide

[nbsp]StromPi-Mode: Wide -[gt] mUSB -[gt] Battery

[nbsp]Raspberry Pi Shutdown: Enabled

[nbsp] Shutdown-Timer: 30 seconds

[nbsp]Powerfail Warning: Disabled

[nbsp]Serial-Less Mode: Enabled

[nbsp]Power Save Mode: Disabled

[nbsp]Power-Off Mode: Disabled

[nbsp]Battery-Level Shutdown: 50%

[nbsp]Powerfailure-Counter: 2

[nbsp]PowerOn-Button: Enabled

[nbsp] PowerOn-Button-Timer: 10 seconds

[nbsp]FirmwareVersion: v1.72c


WakeUp-Alarm: Enabled

[nbsp] Alarm-Mode: Minute Wakeup Alarm

[nbsp] Alarm-Time: 00:00

[nbsp] Alarm-Date: 01.01[nbsp]

[nbsp] Minute Wakeup Time: 1 minutes[nbsp]

[nbsp] Minute Wakeup Time: 1 minutes

[nbsp] Alarm-Weekday: Monday

[nbsp] Weekend Wake-Up: Enabled


[nbsp]PowerOff-Alarm: Disabled

[nbsp] PowerOff-Alarm-Time: 00:00


[nbsp]Interval-Alarm: Disabled

[nbsp] Interval-Alarm-OnTime: 0 minutes

[nbsp] Interval-Alarm-OffTime: 0 minutes

12.02.21 17:51


I have just configured a StromPi and a Battery Hat with your settings and could not find any problems.

Was the newest of our StromPi images used for the setup? We always recommend using the newest version of our software.

17.02.21 10:01