The manual states that:

IMPORTANT: The set time in the configuration script is the initialization of the PowerOn-Button. We recommend a time of at least 30 seconds.

What does this mean?

What happens if I instead set it to 10, or 60 ?

Thank you.


24.11.20 11:25

Hi LB,
the shutdown timer and the PowerON button timer start at the same time (when the poweroff command is sent). We recommend setting the timer to 30 seconds or more to avoid accidental aborts of the shutdown process.

If you set the timer to 10 seconds, the PowerOn Button will be activated after 10 seconds. If the shutdown timer is set to e.g. 20 seconds, you can cancel the shutdown process after 10 seconds by pressing the PowerOn button.

Best regards
Nils (Joy-IT)


02.12.20 15:15