Hi, I am working on a "Phoniebox", a kids media player for which I want to use the StromPi to power the Raspberry Pi running the media player software. My idea is to use the StromPi PowerOn Button to switch on the system.
The "Phoniebox"-Software on the Raspberry can automatically shut down the Raspberry if it is idle for a given time (to playing any music)
My question is, if I can start the Raspberry using the PowerOn Button of the StromPi if did shut down the Raspberry previously using the Linux "Shutdown" command (and not the StromPi shutdown commands).

Alternatively, can I send a command (from the Raspberry) to the StromPi to trigger its shutdown mode?

Thanks a lot in advance!


06.10.20 10:46

Hi Christian,
unfortunately, after shutdown with the Linux Shutdown command (e.g. sudo shutdown -h now), the system cannot be started with the StromPi 3 PowerOn button. The StromPi 3 has no possibility to check in which state the Raspberry Pi is. You would have to execute the script or before sending the shutdown command from the Linux system, send the command "poweroff" via the serial port.

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07.10.20 11:27

Hi Nils, thanks for your answer. That helps!

I think the easiest way to make my project work is to call the script instead of the Linux shutdown command if the media player software wants to shut down the system.

Thanks again,



07.10.20 13:10