we are using 2 StromPi3s in our company and are experiencing on both the problem that the RTC clock is running too slow.
It looses about 2h per day which makes it quite useless.
In the net I found that the STM32 RTC needs to be HW calibrated.
Is there a way to improve the precision of the RTC?


12.08.20 10:59

Hi ThomasS,
This is very unusual. The STM32 are calibrated in production. A deviation in the order of magnitude is an indication of a technical problem of a different nature.
Do you have a StromPi 3 of the Rev 1 or Rev 1.1?

Best regards
Nils (Joy-IT)


12.08.20 12:34

Its a StromPi V3, Rev 1.1
We bought it about 1 month ago together with a BatteryHat and the metal housing.


12.08.20 12:47

Hi ThomasS,
Thank you very much for the information.
Unfortunately, we don't know of any problems with the RTC of the STM32 until now. I will test the RTC function again today.
For this I need some more information:

  • the output of the status script

  • Firmware Version

  • Are any peripherals connected, if so which ones?

  • Voltage source/s (Wide --> voltage?, type of power supply?; mUSB --> Raspberry Pi Foundation power supply?)

Best regards
Nils (Joy-IT)


13.08.20 12:39