I have a strompi3 with battery hat on a Raspberry PI 3.b+
All I want is that when the primary power fails, a shutdown script is activated, which stops the PI nicely. This works :-)
But when the power is restored the PI is not booted. I have to remove the strompi to get it booting again...
I cannot find out in your documentation how to achieve that.
Can you please explainme how to get that working?



31.07.20 17:08

Hello Gert-Jan,
here is a configuration example. It is important that you enable the Powerfail Warning, enable the Shutdown Timer and disable the Poweroff Mode.
Best regards
Tim (Joy-it)


04.08.20 11:45


thanks, it seems to work, probably I was to fast reconnecting the power...
But where is the ""  script used for?


18.08.20 13:32

What does Powerfail Warning do exactly? Is it needed for the shutdown timer to work?
My strompi has shutdown timer on 600 seconds but shuts down in about 15 seconds


18.08.20 17:35

the script is used to shut down your Raspberry Pi and your StromPi.
After this, a restart is only possible with the help of the PowerOn button modification, a set wake-up alarm, or by removing and reconnecting the power supply.
The powerfail warning sends a warning to the Raspberry Pi when the primary power supply has failed. Without this warning, the Raspberry Pi would not be aware of the primary power supply failure and could not be shut down properly by the script before the StromPi is shut down with the shutdown timer.
Best regards
Tim (Joy-it)


18.08.20 17:55