RPi4B running RaspiOS Buster Desktop "lite"
StromPi3 FW 1.72 (not flashed yet) + LiFePo Pack - nothing soldered yet - minicom & gui access working
I am randomly losing IPv4 Ethernet connection to my Pi which does not seem to happen when I remove the StromPi3. Disconnects happen after 30 Minutes to 2-3 days. This is happening on TWO RPi4Bs only when the StromPi3 is attached. Solution: reboot
Running on stock image from raspberry pi (Desktop w/o recommended software). Bluetooth disabled, WiFi disabled, Ethernet IP address configured statically (dhcpcd.conf) and only samba client and xrdp installed.
journalctl shows something (MAC address) claiming my ip-address. This does not happen when the StromPi3 is not attached.
Now I know this sounds strange to attribute to the StromPi3 but i have tested this on 2 RPi4Bs and they both behave the same way (same StromPi3 - I only own one). Right now my RPi4 has an uptime of almost 5 days without the StromPi3, never managed more than 2 days without losing connection. Anyone else experienced this?


06.07.20 14:07