Hi,  i just got a strompi v1.1  that i'm using with a rpi3 and a 9v battery.
in usv mode the pi almost immediately shuts down when power is lost on micro usb ( with battery connected )
wide mode works fine with same setup
t-pin doesn't seem to show an voltage change when measured with crappy voltmeter against ground.
when unplugging micro usb power supply the pi's red status light immediately goes dark, the strompi very bright blue light slowly fades, green stays on for a while.  if power is restored within a second or so the pi will still be running an longer pi will reboot wen power is restored
voltage on battery is 8.7 and doesn't change when unplugging usb power
nothing else connected to the pi
same with 12v power supply, no noticeable change in current drawn
any ideas?


15.03.20 20:34

Hello johannes,
I think the StromPi is defective. An exchange by us can be arranged via or by telephone on 02845 9360 50. Of course, you can also have your defective unit replaced by your dealer.
best regards
Nils (Joy-IT)


16.03.20 12:20