How can i realize a power cut recognition with Strompi3?
I want do recognize the change from microUSB to battery vice versa.
With Strompi2 it was done with GPIO21. How can this be done with Strompi3 and the Lipo installed?
Is there a python sample script?


27.09.18 10:28

in the current Firmware the power cut can be only transferred in the "shutdown-enable" mode of the StromPi3, where there would be a command sent out through the serial-interface for the python script to react and where the StromPi3 will cut the power delivery to the raspberry pi after the configured seconds of the shutdown-timer.
But tomorrow we will upload a firmware where in addition a message can also be generated in the case of normal transition between the powersourcs without the shutdown enabled.
Best Regards,

Jarek (Joy-IT)

27.09.18 14:14

I am really looking forward to that new firmware you announced yesterday. When can we expect it to be released?


28.09.18 15:30

we've uploaded now the firmware to our download-section; as we've haven't much time left for complete testing, we have to mark it as beta, but i don't saw any issues to this point. You'll find the manual, how to update the firmware included in the zip file.
The requested feature is working the following way: You now have an additional config parameter "warning-enable". When this is activated, you got a "xxx--StromPiPowerfail--xxx" warning when the primary voltage source fails - this message you can process in a python script like it is also shown in the serialshutdown Script.
Tell me if you find something to change, so we can add it after the weekend.
Best Regards,

Jarek (Joy-IT)

28.09.18 19:35

Thank you for uploading the new firmware.
But i am not able to flash the new firmware. I have done everything according to the given guideline.
I get the following error:
pi@raspi:  sudo stm32flash -b 9600 -w ./RB-StromPi3_Rev27092018_Alarm_Beta.binary /dev/serial0
stm32flash 0.5
Using Parser : Raw BINARY
Error probing interface "serial_posix"
Cannot handle device "/dev/serial0"
Failed to open port: /dev/serial0

What i am doing wrong?
By the way: Is it possible to get the source of the firmware?


29.09.18 13:11

the configurations from the /boot/config.txt like they are noted in the regular manual have also to be included in the os for flashing - also it can be the case that you are using the serial port in a background process (like a previous opened screen (strompiconsole) session).
We're still preparing the source files for a release - when they would be released I'll post them here.
Best Regards,

Jarek (Joy-IT)

01.10.18 12:11