Hello (from a beginner)
I have purchased a "StromPi 2". I find two modus jumpers, both can be set to USV and WIDE. However, they could be set differently: one at USV, and the other at WIDE --- this is the setting of the jumpers at delivery!
Is this allowed, and what would such a setting mean?


30.05.19 14:11

Hi Thomas,
I can't explain the alternating setup of the both Jumpers at delivery, but it should be unfortuantely mistakenly configured in this matter - sorry for the confusion.
This config wouldn't be an illegal one (there wouldn't be any damage), but for the proper operation of the StromPi the both Jumpers have to be configured in the same mode. You can find here a detailed explanaition the setup of the StromPi 2:
Best Regards,


04.06.19 17:19