I have the Tinker Board S as an Raspberry Pi alternative. Do you have a dedicated Firmware / Software for it.
How would I need to Configure the Tinker Board S? (I'm Running Tinker with Armbian OS)
Does someone has already experience of using this hat for the ASUS Tinker Board S?

Many Thanks


17.05.19 11:31

Hi SecureXperts,
as the firmware of the StromPi communicates via serial or via a GPIO-pin (serielless mode), there is no special firmware for the Tinker Board S needed. You need to configure the the serial settings on the Tinker Board OS like this:
Baudrate: 38400
Port: /dev/serial0 (otherwise the Python scripts have to be adapted)
Databits: 8
Parity: none
Stopbits: 1
Unfortunately we don't offer a prepared image for the Tinker Board S.
The StromPi won't fit with the big heatsink. You would need to extend the GPIO Pins somehow or use a low profile heatsink. If you want to use the StromPi 3 without a heatsink on the Tinker Board you have to check if the socket for the PoE Pins doesn't interfere with components on the Tinker Board.
Best regards.
Nils (Joy-IT)


20.05.19 11:55