Hi, I've a problem with the StromPi-V3, I'm trying to configure the Strom-Pi V3 in such a way that it will shutdown automatically, this can be immediately or after 30 to 60 seconds. I don't need a UPS or so, only a safe shutdown.
The configuration of the Strom-Pi V3 is as follow:
Date: Saturday 22.09.2018
StromPi-Mode: mUSB -> Wide
WakeUp-Alarm: Dsabled
Alarm-Mode: Time-Alarm
Alarm-Time: 00:00
Alarm-Date: 01.01
Alarm-Weekday: Monday
PowerOff-Alarm: Disabled
PowerOff-Alarm-Time: 00:00
Raspberry Pi Shutdwn: Enabled
Shutdown-Timer: 120 seconds

And the python script is also running:
pi@openplotter:~ $ ps aux | grep python
root 558 0.0 0.3 9748 3188 ? S 23:05 0:00 python /etc/
pi 1160 0.5 2.4 53488 23160 ? Sl 23:05 0:04 python /home/pi/.config/openplotter/
pi 1230 0.2 1.2 29788 11476 ? S 23:05 0:01 python /home/pi/.config/openplotter/
pi 2251 0.0 0.0 4372 496 pts/1 S+ 23:18 0:00 grep --color=auto python

When I unplug the micro-USB power connector from the Strom-Pi board the Raspberry is "hardly" switch off immediately, no soft/correct shutdown. What am I doing wrong?
Suggestions are more than welcome, thanks.


23.09.18 01:20

Hello Rene,
the StromPi3 have the abillity to shutdown the Raspberry Pi when it detects a powerloss at the primary Powerinput through switching to the secondary Powerinput. In the StromPi 3 version you can define through the configuration which should be the primary and the secondary, but on both inputs there should be a powersource attached. In your configuration you are switching from mUSB to the wide input - can you tell me which powersource is attached to the wide input and if the Raspberry Pi is working through this powersource when the shutdown-enable is turned off?
Best Regards,

24.09.18 16:34

Hi Jarek,
My use case scenario is that I want to Pi to automatically shut down when there is a power loss. I want and can only connect the StromPi to 12V battery in my boat, I do not have 2 power sources, only one.
Summary: the StromPi is connected to the 12V battery of the boat. When the power is lost or the battery goes below a certain voltage that the Pi cannot operate anymore, a shutdown trigger should be given to the Pi.
Is this use case scenario possible with the StromPi V3? If so, how? What configuration do I need?
Cheers, Rene


24.09.18 17:01

In the final setup, for the final solution I only want to use the wide input as I need to use a 12V battery (like in the cars). Currently at home I'm using the mUSB as I don't have a 12V battery available. In both situations I only want and have one power source connected. I simply do not have the second power source available!!
Do I understand you comments correctly, with only one power source it is not possible that the Pi is automatically shutdown when the power is list? Correct?
Then probably I also need to by the extra battery pack, correct? Because then the power loss on the wide input switches over to the battery and then the Pi can he shutdown, correct? Is this the way it works?


24.09.18 18:01

Hi Jarek, thanks for getting back to me and trying to help.
I'm planning only one power source, at home the mUSB and on my boat the 12V battery. At home I'm using the mUSB for testing purposes.
What you are saying is that with only one power source the StromPi cannot shutdown the Raspberry? Correct? please confirm?
Then probably I need the extra battery on top of the StromPi, is that correct? Please confirm?
Does the StromPi by itself have some kind of battery on board that is enough for shutting down the Raspberry?
Is there a way that I can achieve my goal? Safe shutdown of the Raspberry when power source is disconnected and/or the battery voltage drops below the minimum for the Raspberry to function. Please provide feedback and find a solution.
Cheers, Rene


25.09.18 00:14

Hi Jarek,
Thanks for your feedback and your support.
I only have one power source, at home I've the mUSB and on my boat I've the 12V battery. At the end I want to use the StromPi on the boat to switch off the Raspberry when the battery power drops or is disconnected. Can the StromPi do this? Or do I need to extra battery on top of the StromPi?
How can I achieve that the Raspberry is only powered with one power source? At home, for testing purposes, only the mUSB and on the boat only the 12V battery.
Can you please review this scenario and provide a solution if possible?
Cheers, Rene


25.09.18 11:11

Test! I cannot post any feedback anymore.


25.09.18 11:12

Hello Reno,
unfortunately a second powersource is needed - as the power needed for operation is relatively quite high the caps which are included on the StromPi3 are only for the transistion between the two attached powersources.
Like you said we would recommend the optional Battery-Pack in your configuration for a second powersource - then you have to configure the "strompi-mode" to the option nr. 4 "wide ->Bat".
Best Regards,

Jarek (Joy-IT)

25.09.18 11:23

Ok thanks for the feedback. A bit disappointing that I only find out now. Now I need to purchase another battery of 31,- euro.


25.09.18 11:49